Durable metalized sanitary non-slip steel coating for the harshest environments.

Ramcoat non-slip metal surface technology is a molten metal application that creates a mechanical bond with any metal substrate to create a stronger, harder, anti-corrosive, non-slip coating that offers low maintenance and longevity.

About Ramcoat

Ramcoat thrives in the USDA food-grade environment where sanitary, non-slip surfaces are required as they are always wet and humid environments with primarily stainless steel and other non-corrosive alloys. This environment creates perfect conditions for slip and fall hazards. The USDA food-grade environment is also highly volatile, as many chemicals and acids are commonly used in this setting.

This application can be used on walkways, catwalks, stair treads, gratings; anywhere a permanent traction surface is desired. The desired base substrate can be structural members or removable members.

The Ramcoat non-slip metal surface technology does not impede field, or future modifications, as it lends itself to standard cutting, forming, and welding procedures.

A Non-Slip Metal Surface Technology

Ramco is applied using a metallized Stainless Steel coating that is then applied to the substrate where molten metal forms a mechanical bond with the substrate to create a bond strength of up to 7000 psi. Once the process is complete you are left with a Stainless Steel coating that is harder, stronger, protects the substrate, gives the substrate anti-corrosive properties, has a long product life, and most importantly create a non-slip finish.


Stainless Steel Ramcoat – Can be sprayed with surface texture RC1 and RC 2. Stainless Steel Ramcoat creates a harder surface that is long lasting. Stainless Steel Ramcoat can be sprayed on Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Steel surfaces. Stainless Ramcoat is an excellent option for all USDA food grade processing facilities when applying to a stainless steel substrate as it holds up to the harsh chemicals in the environment and meets all USDA food grade standards.

We are also able to apply Ramcoat to Aluminum and Steel, depending on the application. Contact us now to discuss your specific application!


  • Stair Treads
  • Floorboards
  • Trench Covers
  • Ladder Rungs
  • Drain Covers
  • Floor Scales
  • Platforms
  • Mezzanines
  • Any metal surface designed for non-slip


Bond strength

  • 7000 psi

Surface Texture

RC1 – Fine – .01″ – .012″

RC2 – Medium – .02″ – .025″

RC3 – Course – .032″ – .03″

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Keep Your Footing

Pre & Post Fabrication Suggestions

Drilling & Cutting

Drilling and cutting of the substrate can be performed after the coating is applied although it is recommended that this be done prior to the spraying process. The Ramcoating process hardens the surface of the substrate which will then become harder on tooling and take longer to process.

Flame/Plasma/Laser Cutting

Ramcoat can be cut with flame, plasma, or a CO2/fiber laser with ease.


Ramcoat is an all metal surface that presents no issues when welding using your typical welding practices.

Taping and Masking

Taping and masking creating reveals and covering spots that shouldn’t be coated is possible using a very specific type of flame resistant tape.

It is recommended that all cutting, forming, drilling, etc. be done prior to applying Ramcoat. This allows for a more streamlined higher quality coating. However, there are many processes that can be done after applying Ramcoat to the substrate if needed.


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