Brian Ramey

Brian Ramey

Owner and Operator

Brian K Ramey was raised on a dairy farm in Antreville, SC.  After graduating Clemson Univ in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering, he was employed by Perdue, Inc ’83-90 & later became Manager of Corporate Engineering for Townsends, Inc ’90-95. Founded Planned Poultry Renovations in ’95 with his partner Jay James they  became a premier supplier of custom design and build food grade process systems in the poultry and foods industry.

PPR made purchase of BPS in 2003 as a venture of his partner, Jay James. Due to the turn of events in 2012, Brian assumed the responsibilities of the track and soon after, he assumed full ownership in hopes that he could make it a fully profitable and thriving business in hopes of selling it as a business and brand.  In 2019 Brian accomplished that goal and sold Bridgeport Speedway and Ramco Solutions was born.  Brian has established a trustworthy reputation in the food industry and looks forward to furthering his processing experience and helping his customers get the best solutions possible with his new business venture.


C: 410.430.4130

O: 302.715.5432